Be still and Know that I m God

Be still and Know that I am God

God cares for you today.He is in control .He knows all about us and the world.He is calling His children to walk and work with Him.He is your shield .Don’t give into worry and anxiety, instead trust in Him boldly. He is faithful to His promises.Being still and focused on Him we gain strength.

A few years back I had had a severe heart attack, there was no answer for me.I was totally helpless and clueless as to what to do. But a small voice inside me pushed me to keep trusting in Him.

I was admitted to the hospital without any hope. I kept on asking forgiveness for my sins and praying for His healing touch.

The doctors recommended immediate attention for one of the arteries was 99 percent blocked .

I did ‘t have the financial strength to do the needful , and at the same time, my time was running fast.

But He is always there for His children. He is always faithful. A child of God stood for me and paid all medical expenses and an stent was placed saving me from imminent death .

Today I live to serve and glorify Him.

So fear not but “Be still and trust in Him”