Christ in you is the Hope of Glory.

Christ in you is the hope of glory. Colossians 1:27

He is our hope.

What is hope?

We all have hopes, in one way or another.

According to Dictionary .com the ordinary meaning of hope is, “a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen”. “Hope” is commonly used to mean a wish: its strength is the strength of the person’s desire. But in the Bible “hope” is the confident expectation of what God has promised, and its strength is in His faithfulness. It is real and gives us confidence.

God sent His son the Lord Jesus Christ to die for us and to redeem us from the bondage of sin.  Christ died on the cross and rose again and gave us a new existence, a new life and a new call, to live in a higher form of existence, in a higher plane. Every true believer receives all these blessings freely. We have it, because we have accepted and believed in Him. He wants us to live victoriously facing every fear, every obstacle and every struggle, boldly trusting Him.

What does Christ in you mean?

He empowers us

It means that, He dwells in us. That is, we are in Him and He is in us, the mighty God, the creator of the universe. We belong to Him.  We are His possession. We are well looked after by Him.

Let’s ponder on some of the blessings we have received in Him.

1.We are free, we are no more under curse, no more under the rule of the devil, for He has set us free. Let us enjoy this new found freedom.  Scripture says “If the Son sets you free, you are free indeed”. He takes care of us. He sustains us, and always be there for us

2.We have been made new, and have become new creatures in Him. We are no longer the old self, we are elevated to heavenly realms. Bible says “We are kept in the heavenly places’. Therefore, we need to operate from that realm.  His power is available to flow in and through us.

3. We never, need to feel lonely, because He is in us and with us. He is our loving companion. He says we are His friends. Scripture confirms “I will never leave you neither forsake you”. (Hebrews 13:5} So fear not. Be strong.

4.Being in us, He supplies all our needs. “My God supply all I need according to His riches in glory” (Philippians 4:19). We lack nothing.”  See the birds and the flowers in the field the Lord provides for them.

5.He fights our battles, for He is victorious, He defeated Satan our arch enemy. “No weapon set against you shall prosper”. (Isaiah 54:17) Fear not be assured of His help always.

6.He renews our strength through His spirit. We are no more the same, we are transformed by His spirit to live above the fleshly desires. He helps us in our times of infirmities.

7.His presence overshadow us, covers us, shields us, from the evil plots of our enemies. “Even if you walk through the valley of death He is there”. (Psalm 23)

Whenever fear, anxiety and uncertainty, prop up, let us focus on Christ who is in us.  Let us meditate on our true position, declared by His spirit. Confessing and calling His name draw His presence to us, who are His redeemed.

The more we meditate and think of Him, we will be lifted up in the spirit and we will be filled with joy and the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Let’s invite Him to our lives and let Him reign in us.


Be still and Know that I m God

Be still and Know that I am God

God cares for you today.He is in control .He knows all about us and the world.He is calling His children to walk and work with Him.He is your shield .Don’t give into worry and anxiety, instead trust in Him boldly. He is faithful to His promises.Being still and focused on Him we gain strength.

A few years back I had had a severe heart attack, there was no answer for me.I was totally helpless and clueless as to what to do. But a small voice inside me pushed me to keep trusting in Him.

I was admitted to the hospital without any hope. I kept on asking forgiveness for my sins and praying for His healing touch.

The doctors recommended immediate attention for one of the arteries was 99 percent blocked .

I did ‘t have the financial strength to do the needful , and at the same time, my time was running fast.

But He is always there for His children. He is always faithful. A child of God stood for me and paid all medical expenses and an stent was placed saving me from imminent death .

Today I live to serve and glorify Him.

So fear not but “Be still and trust in Him”

Forgiveness, prayer and restoration( A true story)

Nimal aged 15, was a brilliant student in St Xavier’s College. As the captain of the junior cricket team, he added many trophies to his school. He was very popular among the students, because of his melodious singing and the innate ability to make others laugh.

His favorite teacher was Mr. Pedro, who was a kind -hearted, soft spoken, gentlemen. Nimal adored Mr. Pedro for his wise guidance and encouragement.

Nimal’s classmates had a peculiar habit of singing and playing in the class, whenever they get a free-period. Some days, they made so much noise, disturbing the adjoining classes, they were even scolded heavily by the respective teachers. In some occasions the principal himself came and reprimanded them.

On a Monday Mrs. Smith, Nimal’s English teacher got absent. So they had two consecutive free-periods. All the students were so glad, they began to sing, dance and play as usual, using the free-periods to the maximum. Nimal being the leader of the gang initiated the  singing. What started small, began to be a huge commotion. The whole school could hear what was going on.

At that time, nobody knew that Mr. Pedro was teaching in the adjoining class. Little by little the commotion grew worse. At first, Mr. Pedro tried to ignore the noise, but it got more and more boisterous. It was so irritable, even a saintly figure like Mr. Pedro could not tolerate the noise. He got so furious and dashed in to Nimal’s class, and fuming with anger, yelled at Nimal saying “You good for nothing rascal, you spoil all the students, shut up and get out” .

The whole class became dead silent and all took to their seats silently. Nimal got the shock of his life, he never expected such a volley from his beloved teacher Mr. Pedro. His mouth went dry and face became pale with shame and disappointment. He sheepishly went out of the class.

As the days passed, Nimal’s behavior began to change, that jovial nature began to subside. Many a time he was sulky. The melodious singing and the laughter was heard no more. Little by little he began to shun the society and got himself isolated.

Everybody was perplexed at his behavior. The principle of the school noticed his difference and informed his parents of their son’s sudden change.  They were all worried and tried to talk to him but he held on to his silence. Nobody could understand what had happened to this cheerful and brilliant young man.

But Nimal knew in his heart what was happening inside of him. He was angry and frustrated, that he was publicly humiliated by Mr. Pedro, whom he admired the most. The growing bitterness was consuming him. He did not know what to do. He became very helpless.

At last he decided to go and meet his pastor. He confessed to him, everything that happened few weeks ago. Pastor listened to him patiently and suggested that he should forgive and pray for Mr. Pedro and let God handle the situation, so that he would be totally free. But for Nimal, it was too much of a challenge, and he hesitated doing so. Yet the Pastor explained to him of the power of prayer and forgiveness.

Nimal reluctantly began to pray for Mr. Pedro and asked the Lord to bless him. Initially it was very difficult, but he kept on praying.

 At the same time, Mr. Pedro too, came to know the strange behavior of Nimal. Further he also felt that Nimal was avoiding him. He pondered for a while and remembered the way he scolded Nimal and he began to feel guilty. He decided in his heart, to correct the situation by directly meeting Nimal.

The very next day he came to school early and waited for Nimal to come. He saw Nimal dragging himself to school lazily. The earlier vigor and brightness was not to be seen. Mr. Pedro’s heart sank. He waited for Nimal to come closer and went forward and held Nimal’s hand and said “Son I am sorry, I was too rude to you the other day, I never thought that would hurt you so much, please do forgive me”.

 Nimal never expected that from Mr. Pedro, he could not hold tears, he began to sob and embraced Mr.Pedro and said “please forgive me too sir “. There was a brilliant reconciliation and restoration. This became one of the greatest stories among the students as well as teachers. Everyone was happy to see Nimal restored.

From that day everything got changed for both Mr. Pedro and Nimal.

Nimal regained his composure and Mr. Pedro became wiser in handling crisis situations rightly.

Later, Nimal completed his education with flying colors and brought honor to the school and to all his loved ones.

Today he is a very popular motivational speaker and a successful public speaking trainer empowering many lives to achieve excellence.