You are never alone.

Some moments in my life ,I feel downhearted and lonely.

At such times I begin to wonder,what is wrong with me. I try to hide my self from the society and brood over my situation and environment. Many self defeating thoughts run across my mind.

There is always hope for you in Him.

Why me ? What is happening to me? Is it only me? This was my thought pattern pestering me.

I tried to pray , meditate,listen to music but nothing could pacify me.

I would like to tell you, how I over came this situation easily and effectively.

One day I heard a song “one day at a time sweet Jesus” coming out of my neighbor’s house.

All of a sudden a flash went through my mind,illuminating the concept, “taking one day at a time “and “experiencing the presence of Jesus” within me.

I took the illumination seriously and began to focus on the present moment and the availability of Jesus to help and strengthen me.

I made it a habit to practice His presence in and around me at all times.

I began to speak out loud the Bible verses that confirm His unfailing presence with His loved ones.

I believe, if you would do the same ,you would experience the same safety and peace which I experience now.

Be blessed, there is always hope and power in Him.

2 Replies to “You are never alone.”

  1. I completely agree with this! I had a year that nearly sent me off the edge and I remember being so low during my darkest days – but that’s also the time I came back to God. I came to Him crying and it’s amazing because it felt like He is talking directly to me. And now I see things clearly with His words. Thanks for this beautiful blog and may God bless you more!

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